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About us

Thanks for your interest in MCM Classics.

We began operations in January of 2012. Our idea was simple; bring modern classics to the masses… cheaply!

Reproductions are your secret, and ours! The best thing is that you are getting top quality furniture that looks, sits and feels like the real deal!! Your friends will be envious and relaxed at the same time!!

Thus far, we have been able to assist an array of clientele. From top designers, to hard working stay-at-home moms, our furniture graces the homes of all who are fashionable and sensible!!

What’s stopping you from living a fabulous lifestyle!? Not only will your home look fantastic, your pockets will be full!!.

You can contact us at:
sales@mcmclassics.com, by phone at 1-866-778-6966 or web chat.